Mining companies confronts various operational challenges like low ore grades and complex deposits, poor recovery of mineral resources and high operating costs. Therefore, sturdy wear components that last longer are essential and critical to successful mining operations. AIA Engineering along with VEGA Industries continues to develop and offers comprehensive range of alloys and solutions for the industry. The group industries products and services ensure enhanced grinding output, reduced power consumption, better plant availability and metal recovery leading to improved revenues and bottom line for the mining companies.

  • Challenges & Deliverables
  • Focus Area & Solutions
  • Our Partners
    • EEMS
    • University of Queensland (UQ)
    • Ore2metal


The mining industry comes with some fair amount of challenges:

  • Low Ore Grade & Complex Deposits
  • Poor Recovery Of Minerals Resources
  • High Operating Costs

AIA Engineering has developed new alloys and manufacturing techniques that provide improved wear components which results in:

  • Enhanced Grinding Output
  • Minimized Power Consumption
  • Better plant availability by increasing the life of spares
  • Improved Recovery
  • Improved Revenues And Bottom Line For The Mining Companies.

Focus Area & Solutions

Focus Area
Outcomes for the mining companies

Grinding ball Metallurgy

  • Mark Ball Tests
  • Alloy Optimisation
  • Media cost

EEMS & Liner Design

  • Optimize grinding process
  • Mill Output
  • Energy Cost
  • Mill Availability
  • Liner Life

Grinding Modelling

  • Circuit Survey
  • Ball size Optmisation
  • Energy Cost
  • Grind

Pulp Chemistry

  • Expertise in Flotation and Surface Chemistry
  • Metal Recovery
  • Reagent Consumption

Our Partners


EEMS Adding immense value to our offerings

Dr. Sanjeeva Latchireddi – A successful metallurgist with over two decades of experience, he has the expertise in providing cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions to debottleneck and improve performance of AG/SAG/Ball mill circuits to the mining industry. Dr. Latchireddi is currently the executive director at the EE-Mill Solutions LLC, USA.

  • Simulation of Grinding Circuit
  • Designing unique and innovative Energy Efficient Pulp Lifter (EEPL) after a holistic approach of Mill Study
  • Plant Surveys, Ore Testing, Mill Simulations and Mill Scanning
  • Providing mill designing solutions along with the patented EEPL
  • Training to plant Engineers
VEGA – Mining Diagram
VEGA – EEMS Proven Benefits
  • De- bottleneck and improved performance of AG/SAG/Ball mill circuits
  • Improved productivity which results in increase in throughput by 10%
  • Reduction in energy consumption by 15%
  • Generation of steeper PSD Transfer Size which improves classification efficiency
  • Improved wear life of AG/SAG mill miners
  • Reduced circulating loads in Ball mill circuits

2.University of Queensland (UQ)

UQ - Vega Grinding and Floatation Chemistry Center

Prof Yongjun Pen – An expert in Floatation Chemistry, Prof Yongjun Pen holds a strong track record of working with reputed mining companies. He completed his PHD from the Ian Wark Research Institute of the University of South Australia. He joined University of Queensland in 2009 with a joint appointment between the school of Chemical Engineering and JKMRC.

Dr. Xumeng Chen – Dr. Chen an expert in floatation and grinding chemistry, holds a rich experience in project management and industrial applications. He obtained his PHD from JKMRC in 2015 and is currently working as a Researcher in Prof. Youngjun Pengs Group.

Main research focus area

The UQ-Vega Center is co-located on UQ-JKMRC campus to foster a closer strategic partnership across the major mineral industry players.

Develop research programs based on generic issues in Mineral Processing through strategic alliances.

Better understanding Pulp Chemistry and Surface Chemistry.

  • Plant surveys - Pulp Chemistry - Surface Chemistry
  • Problem solving with case study
  • Definition of best grinding media for an optimal plant performance
  • Providing training to plant metallurgist


Ore2metal Partnership Mine to Metal Approach

Dr. Barun Gorain – holds over two decades’ experience in the mining industry. His expertise lies in setting the right grind conditions, identifying the right chemistry and setting the right floatation and/or leach conditions. He obtained his PHD from JKMRC, University of Queensland and B. Tech in Mineral Engineering from the Indian School of Mines.

Dr. Gorain’s expertise lies in:
1. Optimum Grind (setting the right grind conditions)
  • Grind media to suit ore types
  • Defining grind target (size distribution x minerals x liberation)
  • Grind control to maximise throughput
2. Optimum Chemistry (Identifying the right chemistry)
  • Surface and solution chemistry
  • Right reagent types and conditions
  • Chemical conditions (Eh, pH, DO)
3. Optimise Recovery (setting the right flotation and/or leach conditions)
  • Cell hydrodynamics
  • Grade-recovery optimisation
  • Flotation and Leach modelling and control