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CookSukh Foods Pvt Ltd produces Organic & Pure Foods and provides the best value for a healthy lifestyle. These are 100% made in India Products. Our manufacturing unit is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

CookSukh Foods Pvt Ltd includes goods and services such as Spices (Masala), Mustered Oil, Packet Food products, Organic Food Products, ingredients for cooking, Restaurants, and Fast foods chain system. 

We started manufacturing and distributing Indian household spices (masala) such as turmeric powder, cumin powder, black pepper powder, coriander powder, red chilli powder. Our next plans are to produce the highest quality Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil, Soya, Darjeeling Tea, Biscuits/Cookies, etc.

Now we have a presence in India and we’re aiming to branch out to more than 15 countries across the globe within five years.


Brand USP

We offer the finest quality spices that are packed with natural goodness, flavour and purity and provide the greatest value for a healthier life.


Organically produced to keep the spices nutritious and tastier


Enjoy the authenticity and richness of the spices


Indulge in a flavour which is sensational and unparalleled


We manufacture it fresh and hygienic

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